Let’s Go


Let’s go and leave it all behind us
Let’s go so we can start anew
Let’s go somewhere no one can find us
Let’s go and find the perfect view

Let’s go to where nobody knows us
Let’s go to where the air is clean
Let’s go where there’s endless beauty
Let’s go be what we should have been

Let’s go to where we wake up happy
Let’s go where we can smile all day
Let’s go and not live an illusion
Let’s go and live and love this way

Let’s go and dream about a future
Let’s go and let our hearts run free
Let’s go and lose our tightening shackles
Let’s think of only you and me

Let’s go for time is getting shorter
Let’s go before it gets too late
Let’s go before our plan gets rumbled
Let’s go and realise our fate

Let’s go and build a bright new future
Let’s go forget about our pain
Let’s go where no one else can see us
Let’s go and not return again

Let’s go, let’s put lots of miles between us
Forget about the different ways he’ll scar
The big black dog will then not control us
He’ll wake and not know where we are.

© marvo 2023
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