The most romantic hero – the curse of Manfred


The curse of Manfred was not one but many.
Grieving desperately over his deceased love,
whose death he might have caused, –
but we shall never know it,
nor did he ever know for sure himself, –
he went up high into the mountains
where he met his fate, a witch,
who cursed him with insomnia forever
and to age most bitterly and prematurely
to at best die old already as a young man.
Devils tortured him and dragged him down
like as if he was a Saint Anthony,
while at the same time others
worked for his redemption.
Lord Byron wrote the drama
but could never solve the problem,
dying prematurely as a young man
aged beyond his age as far too old to live.
Both Schumann and Tchaikovsky wrote the scores
and followed him in dying
far too old and far too early.


© aurelio 2023
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