Getting Old



My time is getting closer
I can feel it in my skin
My faculties are failing
And my memories wearing thin

I no longer wake each morning
Looking forward to the day
I just know I must get through it
Whatever comes my way

And all the thoughts inside my head
That cannot find their place
End up as scrambled images
When I look at my face

A visit to my doctor
To be asked: “what do you need”
I tell him I want everything
And need it guaranteed

But if I could have my life again
I’d make it just the same
I’d try to be a better man
Despite this life long pain

I’d be open, more transparent
I wouldn’t push people away
I’d put a smile upon their face
So they would want to stay

I’d let my lovers love me
And I’d say I love you too
I’d never let them doubt it
Or tell them we are through

You see, the things I’ve learnt in life
Throughout my many years
Are really not as scary
If you wipe away the tears

So if you tell me that you love me
I’ll try and learn to say it back
Before my hair gets thinner
And this mind begins to crack

‘Cos these hands are getting weaker
And I’ve not much left to lose
But I’ll sit and count my blessings
Reading ‘Facebook’ for your news

Do other people feel this way
About friendships old and new?
Or maybe it’s just sad old me
With my vision all askew

© marvo 2023
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Well done Marvo, lots to associate with for me in this one, I enjoyed the tale and the end rhymes S3 was a bit bumpy for me, but otherwise the meter is solid, one small nit, you state that you wouldn’t change a thing and then tell us all the things you would change ? Just doesn’t compute for me, very much enjoyed, best Keith


As I read this it made me think about all my years on this planet, I can tune into quite a lot of it, shame we cannot see the wrongs much sooner.
I liked the way instead of doing things differently you would just tweak them here and there to adjust and improve things. Sue.

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