Under Steel Moons

Unconditional Love

      Under Steel Moons - Stormwolf

Tides surge and recede.
Moons wax and wane.
I grow older too…
But contained within that flow
my love remains.
An immovable rock
in a perilous world.
A never wavering
picture on your wall
of all things good.
A rosebud
under hard frost.




© stormwolf 2023
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I think I may be incapable of unconditional love for humans. At least romantically speaking. It is not that I do not have unconditional love qualities in most of my interactions, it is, however, the moral thing, the good thing and that’s why I allow such qualities to bring pain, joy, frustration, misery or contentedness in my life. The heart alone is totally out of the question, everything is filtered by the mind and my mind’s conclusions are in favour of basic and sometimes complicated conditions of love. thanks!

sorry for the introspective comment, but usually when I read your work something makes me think about myself, your poetry in general no matter how personal your poem might be, strikes an introspective chord.


Wonderfully written Alison, I understand the strength of those feelings, in my case it’s ‘a picture on my wall’ which no matter how the winds may blow will remain steadfast..
I loved every line of this poem. Sue, xx


It’s evident from this poem that you are a strong person who stands by their convictions. You words speak to me, as I too have been through a lot of pain but always believe in a new dawn…a new day when happiness will return and love will prevail in the end.

Loved your words.


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