For a pal needing support 

Rainy days will come
Every now and then
Peter Pan won’t fly
Photographs will bend

For every conquered peak
The climber must descend
Empires cannot last
Wishful dreams must end

But a breeze is all you need
To make a mist afraid
Then you’ll see the road
You never really strayed

We’re builders in the grey
We cannot see the height
But we know it’s there
We plan upon a ‘might’

So gamble with a muse
A smile will grow and stay
A thought is all you need
To keep the dark away.


© Chiswick21 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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I really like the way you have combined the reality of disappointment with hope in the final verse. I found it quite uplifting and helpful especial the last two lines as that is all it takes for me to see the sun beyond the shadows. Sue.


Hi there,
This is the first time I have read you. I thought it was well written as the short lines were well metred and the feeling came through too.
I agree with the sentiments.
Alison x


Totally agree with the others, I really enjoyed the read. Thanks for posting.


I really enjoyed reading those very wise thoughts..The last two lines were very encouraging for me at present..Thank you for sharing.

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