The Drowning of Humanity


A rant against how some people treat animals. It broke my heart to see these pics. Their despair is palpable. The widespread abuse of children and animals reflects a world where humanity is slipping away in the galloping unfolding of technology.




Trusting hearts, abandoned,
 pinned to a mast of treachery
  in crucifying coldness / zombified betrayal.

Is this how low we have sunk?

Perhaps indeed time for The Flood.
Biblical, cleansing and all reaching.
Sweeping the innocents and the arcane
into its jaws of destruction / renewal.
I surrender myself willingly.

A champion for their unconditional love,
the heart-rending pain of the wounds
they endure.
Standing unflinchingly
for the lessons they tried to bring us.

Let me drown alongside.

© stormwolf 2023
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Hi Alison, I read this first thing yesterday and was so upset to see the dogs and read your poignant words that I couldn’t comment then, but I have since seen that they were rescued. Of course they were the lucky ones saved by an ever dwindling flame of humanity. You have written so truly of today’s society which has become so cruel, heartless and depraved I too fear for the future. I can’t see any way back as each generation is moving further along disaster’s road. I always hoped things weren’t worse now, it’s just we have more information… Read more »

Oops wrong box, just wanted to say I absolutely agree with everything you have said and I feel exactly as you do. Xx


Ohhh, so sad but your sentiment has a strength to it that cuts through the acceptance of such acts, flood maybe I’d prefer a baseball bat or worse to the culprits of such crimes. Great piece Alison very well expressed. The ending has a warmth the overshadows the cold. Best Keith


The only answer is to find the cruel b*st*rds and tie them to a spike in rising flood waters. People with no compassion for animals should not be expected to have any for people either. Get them out of the gene pool! (Yeah this makes me mad – a lovely read though.)


the most painful thing for me they have my unconditional love and i’m looking forward to taking revenge one day for the things they suffered when finally evil is eradicated from this world.

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