Pentheus was grandson of Cadmus and his successor as king of Thebes, who resisted the introduction of the cult of Dionysus. In revenge the god drove him mad and he was torn to pieces by a group of bacchanals, one of whom was his mother.

Pent-up remorse, guilt and rage
Frozen on a transit pole from a to b.
Passage of animate beings in suspension,
The world revolves around a collective dream.
Bare subject and object merged in parallax,
Unreachable resolution tangled in a narrative weave.
Tweedledum chases the tail of Tweedledee:
Can challenges will,
Will turns over won’t,
Won’t releases should,
The prisoner pulls on his lengthening chain;
Should bleeds into can topples into will,
Pentheus pursues his fate among the bacchanals
Ripped apart by delirious, untempered queens.

© ross 2023
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