Simply a short summer poem.

Time and youth

now spent beyond this

season’s birth.

Seeds new-set beneath her

skirts await the turning 

once again.

© sweetwater 2020
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critique and comments welcome.
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Hi Sue,
You have learned how to prune your work down to a fine art. There is great skill in such very short poems done correctly.
There is a strong feeling of philosophical reflection in this. Even a certain surrender…
Excellent work.

Alison x


Yes, leaves will soon be changing hue and the newly cast off trying to root anew. Another metaphorical little gem from your pen, Sue. I detected yesterday for the first time, that iron bite tinge of approaching Autumn in the air, bringing on the usual melancholic feel too. Your poem much enjoyed.


I much enjoyed this one, I’m so pleased you continue to write. I know at times you have found it hard, but there seems to be a contentment in you now of sorts. You have found yourself in poetry, a place where you are appreciated, a place where you belong.
Mike XxX

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