The highlight of love


The summit moment of my love
was my life’s shortest moment
but enough still for a lifetime
and enough rich for eternity;
so how could I forget it ever?
Let me stay there deep inside you
hidden in the richness of your hair
that never was more long and beautiful
in sumptuous generosity and varmest colour
never to get out of you
but dwell forever as your guest
at your perpetual party
never tiring, constantly improving,
in a mood of sweetest atmospheric music
that must never end, but, like all music,
should exist just to play on.
Embrace me still, and keep me in your heart,
like I will never forgo you
but keep you cherished in my warmth of soul
to never let you go;
and thus all separation
must remain quite naturally most impossible;
and let us be content with that
and simply stay in love forever.


© aurelio 2023
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