I’m Not Bitter

I wrote this after a break up with a girlfriend some years ago. Reading it again makes me realise how angry I must have been. Makes me smile now though !

“You liked fruit

grapes were a favourite,

I know how they must feel,

crushed down and trampled on. “

“You had a liking for potatoes,

so that must have been why then

you had a chip on your shoulder ? “

“Money was precious to you also,

but because you had none you

loved to spend all mine.”

“Friends meant a lot to you,

but for some reason you disliked all of mine.”

“In relationships there is give and take,

but all you did was take and bloody take. “

” Men are from Mars,and women are from Venus. “

“You loved to quote that line didn’t you ?

Yet what planet are you from ? “

“But hey I’m not bitter at all.

We all make mistakes in life,

and the biggest one I made was YOU ! “




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