Dark Paths.

For a friend of mine.

What secrets do we hide

that they should so destroy us:


shadowed trails: a childhood

cast aside.

Shackled yet, those years

reach out cut away the mask


call us back, unclothe again

the scars that bleed our past.

© sweetwater 2023
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Hi Sue, How depressing this poem has no comments. 🙁 These lines held me up very slighly. ‘Shackled yet, those years reach out cut away the mask’ I felt it either deserves a “to” added or a comma? see below reach out (to) cut away the mask’ or reach out, cut away the mask’ but just my opinion. 😉 The poem is condensed well and the feeling it holds for me is deep philisophical thought. How wounded so many of are by childhood and how acutely the pain can be felt even today… and can be so easily resurrected. A… Read more »

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