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Sore from a long night’s traipsing
Soaked from the storm I trudged through
Knees raw from the chafe of
Trousers heavy with puddle splash
Arms aching from pushing
Palms blistered and heels
Long miles from home on the little-used track
I prop my punctured bike against a five-bar gate
And it’s sunrise.
I rest my elbows on the gate
Absorbing the view
Awed by the infinity of fields
Furrows – newly sown before winter cold
Run from headlands
Brown, brown corduroy pregnant earth-lines
Stretching to the Stone Age barrow and beyond
From a distant steeple
An apparition – fulgent in the half-light
Intrudes my gaze
Serene, an owl of stately wing
Beats a silent flight
A single silver weft
Across the warp of heavy soil
And, after a seeming lifetime
She reappears
Wounded, broken
The air is hushed
I wait, bathed in sunrise silence
Then my ears pick up the plaintive call
Of a fading owl returned from foraging.
I take up my bike and walk.


© coolhermit 2023
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Loved the images and the poor injured owl, I hope it made it home. Sue.

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