Not everyone can have relationships

without getting hurt and violated beyond recognition.

There are some who simply are too sensitive

to be able to endure the friction of a close relationship,

and some will easily get damaged and destroyed for life

by disappointment and betrayal, violation and impalement,

and although you can survive it,

you will never be the same again

but will have company forever by a second personality,

a shadow of repressed volcanic bitterness

of almost metaphysical dimensions,

which you will need for protection and refuge

from the monstrosity and shortcomings of man;

which you at best can handle

and develop into an ideal

to serve you rather than to be impeded by,

which might become your demon

that could even help you on the way

to bring yourself at peace with the atrocity of man;

and thus your worst experience and trauma

could be turned into and used for your salvation.

© lailaroth 2023
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don’t worry it’s too lonely in absolute reality nobody can endure its loneliness thus we end up with relationships until we crave and want only to be by ourselves in solitary spaces where nothing ever happens.

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