Chopin’s final engagement

Marie Wodzinska, Chopin’s life’s one engagement, survived him with 47 years, until 1896.


They truly loved each other,
and she was his one engagement,
Marie Wodzinska, beautiful and noble,
but her parents would not let them have each other,
they forbade her any intercourse with a musician,
and she had to break up the engagement
without leaving Chopin hurt and suffering.
So she “seemed” to be unfaithful
with his double, this most curious poet Slovacki,
born the same year as Chopin and dead the same year,
very much like him in every way.

But she could not have hurt him more.
He bound up all her letters in a beautiful silk ribbon
on which he just wrote, “My grief”,
and it remained sealed to his death.
To his amazement, though, she married later
his godfather’s son, count Joseph Skarbek,
a most miserable marriage ending in divorce,
whereupon she married yet another sickly man,
another double of Chopin-like sensitivity
who died soon, while she lived to be quite old and childless.

Chopin never quite got over it.
His fate became to be consumed by George Sand,
who made a sport of both collecting and devouring men,
preferrably celebrities, like poet Alfred de Musset,
whose life she ruined with Chopin’s.
His one love was Marie Wodzinska
who in order not to hurt him
tried to make herself appear dishonoured,
and he never understood or realized her noble sacrifice,
which definitely turned out
to be all for love of him.


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