Your last days.

I wrote these words on Easter Monday evening while caring for my wife in Hospital.

My sun is setting slowly in the West

the skies are getting darker now,

the golden days of sunshine of our lives

are over now ,they were the best.


I’m sitting at your bedside all the time,

I cannot bear the thought of you alone,

I must be here to care for you,

What shall I do without you on my own?


Perhaps by chance you will get better dear,

perhaps a miracle will happen,who does know?

and then we’ll be together once again

setting each other’s hearts with love aglow.


E.W.Peters.    April 2017.





© pommer 2020
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It must be difficult to sit and watch someone you love be in the hospital. Your poem expresses your love for your wife and the uncertainty of waiting by the hospital bed very well.


Experiencing this final stage of losing a life-long soulmate, although not tragic considering the many good years spent together, must be extremely sad and feel like an enormous loss to the whole of one’s world, and reason for being, and especially in your case with overcoming the earlier difficult years of relocation and adaptation together Peter. It all adds an extra humbling effect to the after-shock, the gratefulness towards the loved person who shared that earlier burden, saw it all through with you. I hope you can find some comforting philosophic stance that enables you to combine all those wonderful… Read more »


You SHALL be together once again. Some may disagree but that is my own personal conviction.
Love conquers ALL… Even death,

take care
Alison xx

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