Mr Domiciliary Heliosphere.

This poem may not be easy to understand – but the clues are there. 

Written in the form of a ‘Euphonic-Rayenella’
Rhyming pattern abcdb.
Five stanzas of five lines.
No constraint on syllable or line length.
But must describe an action.

Mr Heliosphere is awoken from his comfy bed
There is more work for him to do
Carefully carried to his transporter
Destination has been carefully determined
More than sure, he will encounter pastures new.

Now erect and towering tall, surveying the scene
With his single and lone Cyclops eye –
The reason for his arousal now before him.
Will this be another successful campaign?
Mr Heliosphere knows he will do or die!

Energy begins to flow – his lone eye homing in
His only tungsten tooth eager and waiting
To deliver the surge of energy on demand.
Never been known to fail as yet
His unseen power never seen to be abating.

No rotation of this stationary tooth
As the first strike hits home, and hard –
Releasing a mighty power surge
The unseen things race randomly towards their goal
Attacking salt screen and exciting silver shard.

Rays contained now by clever matrix, fade away,
But success and result should be sure.
Mr Domiciliary Heliosphere will rest his head again,
Until the next time he is summoned to action –
This producer of shadows will rest, till called to rise once more.

Copyright GF 2006.



© gerry 2023
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hi Gerry
I’ve never heard of this poetic form, thank you for introducing me to something new. I’m not sure I know what it it, but have a couple of ideas. I will keep them to myself for now though. It is very interesting, of that, there is no doubt. I hope you’re well, hon.


Hi Gerry,
Well, it’s my turn now to say my brain is in a fugue, you’ve done me in 😉
I think it’s brave to try new poetry forms. I seldom if ever, venture outside my comfort zone, so kudos to you!
I think my tired brain cannot attend to things at the moment but I love to see people experimenting.

Alison x

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