Becoming Glass



A fascination of mine.

You struck violently from the sky
and slashed your way out of the night
to fuse my grains into shape.
Will you let me linger in this new place—
In this Fulgurite, hot and vitreous?
I have given both breath and blood
to hollow out a home fit for love,
a funnel to hold your desires as they rise.
Come collect me when the storm passes
and the crabs begin to sidle once more. 
Fill me with your tears or with wine,
we can become communal and divine.
Carry me to the box lined in red velvet
or shatter me if you choose.
Polish and wrap me in folds of Satin,
where I can finally rest in shining pieces.

*Footnote:  FULGURITE noun Geology
vitreous material formed of sand or other sediment fused by lightning.
ORIGIN—mid 19th century: from Latin fulgur ‘lightning’ + -ite1.
Source: New Oxford American English Dictionary

© jolen 2023
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What can I say! I am moved into pieces upon encountering this glassy experience. I have never ever thought of this. I am not too sure if I’d sound sexist but this is a feminine experience I was kind of drawn into. I could go on a date with the poem.


Talk about an original take on the creation myth. This poem celebrates the eroticism of the male (lightning) ‘striking’ the female (grains of sand representing the Earth) creating something beautiful and divine. Nicely rendered, sumptuous in description, and delicately voluptuous in imagery. Well done, most sweet.

Cher Loup xx


I came across this powerful poem, its title ” Becoming glass” already intriguing by itself and leading to question and thought.

“I have given both breath and blood
to hollow out a home fit for love”

is a favourite of mine , so beautifully phrased, and the end, last two lines, a highlight.

Wished to know more what made you write this poem and your own thoughts about it. I am guessing more layers, more meanings…


Thank you for this interesting explanation. I am happy to know now about fulgurites. It makes sense.

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