The Terrorist

From Two Years Ago…nothings changed

The Terrorist

They build their lives within our walls,

plan to storm our hallowed halls.

Not here for better, just for worse,

They’re not the last, nor are they first.

Seeking to profit from our loss

Old England left to count the cost.


Invaders from those far off lands

Come to hatch their deadly plans.

Not to work and integrate,

They’re here to kill, and maim our state.

To take our world and make it theirs

destroy our lives without a care.


Such burning hate that hides inside

betrays a life that’s built on lies.

They speak in many different tongues,

their words betray both old and young.

No God would ever justify

this hatred born from pious eyes.


© mikeverdi 2023
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That’s straight from the heart, Mike. Reads well, especially the second verse. Nothing there to fault as far as I’m concerned.


Their Allah is not the Judeo/Christian God. He has wives and children too. He is a god of death. If you don’t believe in him, or if you leave the Muslim faith, you are worthy of nothing less than decapitation by hand. Until the world realises that Islam is more than just a religion but a political force that wants world domination, there is no way we can win the battle. You have to know your enemy and what they want. People say ONLY about 20% are radical Islamists. Even if that were true it would run into millions. Your… Read more »


Then you have a rhythm within you.


Too bloody true! So sick of them and our limp wristed government, who put them before our safety. Have to lie down now 😉

Alison xx


Hi Mike,
sorry to be a bit late with my comment, but I have so much to do at the moment.Yes. how very true..Why can’t they live and let live, instead of refusing to integrate and to want to destroy everything that is dear to us who love and cherish this country?All they want to do is take and destroy without giving.I like the way they make religion their excuse the bastards.I mustn’t get going on the subject,my dear late wife would have said here he goes again,Ha,Ha. I hope that both of you are allright, be lucky,

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