The immutability of beauty

to my love

Whatever once you had
is always there,
good looks pass only superficially
but in the soul remain forever
if but once they were acquired;
beauty passes only visibly
but spiritually can not fade.
You are still young
if you were young but once,
that youth will never leave you
although you will change with time
but only vainly and externally.
Your inside which creates your life
is your true eternity
to never leave you but be carried with you
as your truth and personality.
And if that soul is beautiful,
your life will be so also,
like yourself, to never fade.


© aurelio 2023
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This is such a wonderful sentiment and so beautifully phrased. I have been trying to tell my wife this is the way I feel about her but never could make her understand. I shall give her this to read. I could not say it better. Well done.

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