The Dark Gatherer

I first posted this in 2006, and wanted to repost (it’s one of my favourites) and say a huge thanks to UKAuthors, as seeing my work on the screen here and receiving comments and criticism has helped my writing no end. 


(homage to Carol Ann Duffy’s polar opposite)


When you were small, your pudgy hands

moulded plasticine into sin,

an indication of


                           a growing hate

which darkened like a purple bruise

in your gaze –


                     hot passion, why?

The edge of your milk teeth always flashed

a glower of a growl after your smile.


Your chubby toes were cold when I tickled them,

your legs stamped a tantrum

when bed-time drew –


                                    the oval of your soft jaw, spoilt.

Words cascaded like a flushed toilet,

murky, resonant with filth.


                                              When asleep

a strangled teddy’s eyes bulged amber with brown flecks,

I could hear its cries.


                                   Dark gatherer. You soared from hell

into my life, the fiery dragon by your bed

inflaming you,


                         and now you are black like an abyss,

the prejudice of the bigot, you scour

the night-time and sink in


                                              like a predator,

cobaltite, culling, depraved and itching to pluck

the wings from butterflies.






© kats 2020
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critique and comments welcome.
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Bloody hell, that is dark HaHa! ” a strangled teddys eyes” . Enjoyed the read Kat, where did it all come from?


Bloody hell too, Kim! But, great writing, even the irregular layout appears to suit well for once, being the ongoing composition of thoughts as the worsening mood gets into gear, I can see why you’re rightly proud of it. It does seem to be very authentic to angry thoughts, the type that are usually never come to expression, except in the performance arts. Every line is a gem. Should have been nibbed IMHO!
Trevor x


This is an exceptionally powerful piece of writing and one that I wish I had the ability to do. I have read it several times and each time, I take more from it. Super work all around!

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