Enigma. (a post election poem)

Well now we know how things have gone, how significant might this poem be?


A feeling of peace within?
Remember they have troubles too.
Cuddling close for protection and warmth,
Do you still hold the same view?

You seem agitated and I wonder at what,
Like the black notes on a score.
Making sense to some, but not to others,
There is no need for you to be at war.

Was mother queen so surely crowned,
Self contained like some tight ball.
Still hovering like a raindrop overhead,
No hiding place in thoughts at all.

Alone amid the misty gleam of dawn
The sated birds have had their fill,
No purer scene the whole world round
Each breath a brush mark, still.

The melting stream begins again to flow,
And youthful maidens haste to sing and dance.
All peaceful and sprightly they, on show,
And still you seem to say, perchance.

But now the feet of busy people walking to and fro,
With always a problem, or something to say,
A time to pause, to think, to dream!
And hope tomorrow brings another day.


© gerry 2020
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hi Gerry
A fine poem, no doubt about it. Lyrical. I hope that our future does hold brighter days, because we’ve certainly had enough dark ones. You poem speaks to me of hope and that can never be a bad thing in my mind. I’ll be reading that final chapter of yours asap. I’m a bit swamped at the minute and don’t want to rush through it.


Bloody politicians, Gerry, all incensed with being contentious, rather than giving and taking on the merits of each other’s proposals or opinions, totally unable to think further than their public school noses and think of the need of unity and cooperation to promote the common good of the Nation. Most are verbally eloquent and intelligent! So much internal destruction of what should be the UK’s combined power, especially in times of dire need for it. Get in the kitchen, Gerry! Ready. steady…bake!
a saddened Goth


What about it? Cannot critique, so limited to discussing the messaging as best I can, The rhyme? Works okay too.


Well, I naturally assumed this poem new. You don’t put the original date underneath as I do. You wrote a post-election poem, so I just gratefully tagged on to that. We’re all stunned, well most of us, by the way the remoaners have used Jeremy’s leisurely and sly move with a big bag of loaned goodies to help the greedy, while at the same time helping to make poor Theresa suffer even more than she deserves, while also managing the duties of a PM in the face of two terrorist attacks, the Brexit talks, and trying to reduce the massive… Read more »

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