The Grove


The grove was the best location the gang had
for reshooting sixpenny matinées –
holidayfuls of Tommy’s Revenge
and Escape from Stalag Luft III.

It was a take-it or take-it friendship
that meant it was your duty to escape,
punishment to be enjoyed by you, in turn,
always your turn, in a smelly, muddy hole.

Nonchalant extras strolled across the set,
walking dogs, seeing no evil;
guards loaded caps, planning revenge.

You enthusiastically collected branches
and bricks to weigh down the roof,
pulled it over you, sat tight and waited.


© Nemo 2023
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HI Nemo;
I enjoyed your reflective piece. Your lines are clear and you have some very strong imagery here for the reader to digest and enjoy.


Another writer giving their age away 😉 Ours were Four-penny matinees at the ‘bughutch’ but the mud holes will have been the same! Brought back memories…

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