The Grove


The grove was the best location the gang had
for reshooting sixpenny matinées –
holidayfuls of Tommy’s Revenge
and Escape from Stalag Luft III.

It was a take-it or take-it friendship
that meant it was your duty to escape,
punishment to be enjoyed by you, in turn,
always your turn, in a smelly, muddy hole.

Nonchalant extras strolled across the set,
walking dogs, seeing no evil;
guards loaded caps, planning revenge.

You enthusiastically collected branches
and bricks to weigh down the roof,
pulled it over you, sat tight and waited.


© Nemo 2020
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HI Nemo;
I enjoyed your reflective piece. Your lines are clear and you have some very strong imagery here for the reader to digest and enjoy.


Yes, that was me too, Gerald, after Saturday morning pictures at the Grenada or Century, Zorro cloak or medieval knight while still living the part on the way home; not unusually finding a pigeon with broken wing needing to be nursed better in the disused chicken run in the garden. The nonchalant extras had no need to fear for children’s safety in those days, it seemed so anyway. Wonderful insight into early creativity before teenagers were invented and TV spread out the programmes on offer, long, long before the robotic digital age? Active physical games instead of static mind games.… Read more »


Another writer giving their age away 😉 Ours were Four-penny matinees at the ‘bughutch’ but the mud holes will have been the same! Brought back memories…

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