The God Placebo

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I’ll be him, you want a sign?
it’s fine I do it all the time,
the rich ones get cured
the sick ones ignored.
I just need the number, across your card
don’t worry we’re dot com and praying is hard.
You’ll see me when you look up in church
or look me up, just do a search.
I can spit you a sermon, drop in some rhymes
dishing out morals with my breath of red wine.

I’ll piss biblical rivers to fill every font
hand me your children I’m at the front.
I’ve registered my trade mark ‘G’
to take 10%, hell more if you believe.
This position is hard, I lead and you follow
with a finger inside my dirty dog collar.
I do love a choir, boy I speak unto thee.
Christian be a christian
and bend over my knee.

© savvi 2022
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Hi Savvi:
Well, don’t be shy, let us know how you really feel! LOL I just loved this, it’s clever and irreverent and highlights the hypocrisy that runs rampant.


Blimey that’s a bit strong Savvi, But thinking about it I have to agree – you seem to have got it pretty well sorted.
I dare not say anymore 😉


Hi Keith. I believe that on the sixth line you meant to write ‘we’re dot com’.
Correct me if I’m wrong.
Can’t argue with your argument.
Best wishes, Luigi.

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