A Close Shave

On a hot tin roof.

My girlfriend doesn’t always behave;
she loves to sunbathe on the roof,
in the clothes that Nature gave her,
even during a scorching heat wave.

Her aim is to become bronze brown
from her head to her ten pretty toes.
All binoculars in the neighbourhood
become active when she lies down.

I told her that I don’t need a diploma,
be a physician or a dermatologist
to know that an excessive exposure
to sunlight might cause melanoma.

But all observers can see that Maeve
has an impeccably smooth epidermis
though she admits that under the sun,
in Brazil, she once had a close shave.

© Luigi Pagano 2017


© ionicus 2021
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Dearest Luigi: I so admire how you present such a full and descriptive scene for the reader. Your poetry is an artistry that leaves the reader captivated within.


Lousy day here today Luigi – but feeling better now after this laugh. Sounds like a girl after my own heart 😉


Very amusing, as usual, Luigi! It took a few seconds to find the rhythm; I haven’t seen that first/last line rhyme format before. Shows how much I know about poetry. 🙂


You are always entertaining Luigi HaHa!

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