Summer’s Love.

Just trying out different layout.

Come, solstice sun

come loose these chains

set free this winter-mind,

let flow those streams

of spring’s delight,

to purify the soul.


Then wrap me round in

night’s embrace, enfold

in velvet sighs,

there whisper songs

of my love’s heart

and call him close

to me.

© sweetwater 2021
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critique and comments welcome.
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Sue I have just sensed pain in one of goth’s poems – and now I sense it in this… Or have I had too much sun today in my beautiful garden ?
gerry x.


Some lovely images here and it reads as delicately and sensual as the words you’ve chosen.


I like the layout it works really well with the short lines. Your poem is both beautiful and sensual Sue, a delight to read. Keith


Sad and wistful, but like a soft summer breeze, Sue. Enjoyed the read. regards, Mick.


This is good but a bit too sweet for my taste. It’s a woman’s overflowing emotions. I like emotions contained within the cup and not brimming over. Did your songwriter get to whisper his songs in your ear?

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