Pythagoras and Maisie. part two.

Warnings are given. Will anybody take any notice?

The vicar stood open mouthed fully expecting the duo to burst into laughter, however they remained deadly serious. Maisie continued…“We had to make contact in 2002-4 if we were to stand any chance of altering the impending disaster. We are from the not too distant future, and all our technology over the last one hundred and fifty years or so has been devoted to getting this machine operational. Hopefully our skill and lots of good luck have helped to get it operational just in time. We had to choose our landing site with great care, obviously to arrive safely and unobserved. The moors were ideal the timing was perfect, but alas even then we were tracked and spotted. However I can tell you, that you would never have found our machine.” Pythagoras added “We have been quite lucky in finding you vicar, we have much to talk with you about. First though we will show you our machine since we are so near to it.” The vicar was clearly shaken by what he had just heard, and was having difficulty taking it in, as you can imagine. It was whilst they were approaching the top of an incline that the military men appeared.

The officer in charge approached the three and looked straight at Maisie. “Maisie Simmons” he said in a cold voice, “Yes that’s me,” said Maisie looking very worried. “We have been observing you and doing some checking, there are a number of questions that need to be answered. You claim to work for a Government agency, however our checks reveal no one of your name, or description working for any Government agency. There is also the matter of unexplained radio transmissions – please come with us. You two gentlemen will be spoken to later, return to the village now and don’t leave – you will be watched.”

“Damn and Blast” said Pythagoras as Maisie was led away. I knew this time thing would get us into trouble, but I didn’t expect it so soon.”                                        

” Maisie doesn’t  work for the government then?”                                                  

“Yes she certainly does vicar, but not in 2004, actually in the year 2155 – our first mistake I fear.” Pythagoras caught up with the group, and told them that Maisie and he were together, in fact that they were man and wife. He explained that what they had to reveal would be best done together, and if possible with their friend the vicar present. There was no objection to this, and the party left the moor together. Maisie now found that the people they were to talk with were government intelligence officers, plus some officials from Mendip Hill. They were driven to Clayhouses in a military vehicle, and into the base. They were then led into a large room and directed to seats. Before anyone had time to speak, Maisie stood up and said…

“You will find what we are about to tell you will be very difficult to believe, however before you ridicule our story, we must tell you that we are able to prove what we say. My Husband and I are from the future, actually the year 2155. We will give you full computerised detail later, but now we will give you a brief statement of why we are here…”
Pythagoras continued; “The world is heading for disaster, this present time is the only time that can influence the outcome. We are here to try to change the future. Let me tell you the state of the world in 2155 – the time we have just left. We have to be careful not to moralise; we will stick just to facts.

The world we have left is a total disaster area. It is full of sick and dying people. The lands will no longer produce crops. The seas are all now lifeless because of over-fishing and pollution. There are no functioning police or medical services, no hospitals. There are no fossil fuels left, and no ships sail the seas any more. With respect to the UK – the channel tunnel and the bridge we had built across to France had to be blown up some time ago to stop immigration and the spread of disease brought in from Asia and Africa. Our once powerful antibiotic drugs are now completely useless, and the reason for this situation? Lack of water. global warming, and over population. We knew our water situation was getting desperate many years ago, but nobody took any action. Now all our rivers are just polluted streams, all our reservoirs are just about empty. Permitting unchecked immigration has swamped our small island. There were just too many people for the water which we had – the demand was just too great. It was too late to build new reservoirs there is virtually no rain fall now to fill them. No homes have running water, the sewage system is none existent.

It is thought that all life is finished in Asia. Africa was completely wiped out apart from a small section of the north. The last we heard from America was total disaster, if there is life at all it is in isolated pockets. Europe is devastated – Britain seems to be the last functioning place, but not for long. Communication is virtually impossible, television and radio is a thing of the past. The loss of satellite function has stopped all telephone traffic. People are expecting the state to provide for them, but there is nothing to provide and no care to offer. Unfortunately the government such as it is, has no resources left. It is utter chaos – everyone for themselves. Water is now the new gold. We have come from an infertile dying world of disease, misery, and despair.”
“The reasons for this disaster?” Maisie prompted.
“Well look no further than these possibilities, not necessarily in any order.
Religious fanaticism, terrorism, abuse of drugs, sexually transmitted diseases, and unrestricted immigration. Over the last fifty years when rain fall decreased alarmingly and global warming had really taken hold the population was still increasing. It was obvious to everyone that more people and less water was a recipe for disaster. What I have mentioned here are the points which we think were the catalyst for the troubles, you could add more as you will see.

In this box you will find a full graphical computerised chronology from now until 2155.
Do not worry about compatibility we have made sure your toy computers will be able to handle it.” Pythagoras managed a smile at this point. The vicar and others present were staring opened mouth as the couple related their message. “How have you survived, and even managed to build a so called time machine under those circumstances?” was a not unexpected question from one of the officers. Pythagoras replied, “We are a group of professionals and intellectuals who anticipated the coming problems some time ago. We are under constant threat and are repeatedly invaded for our supplies. However because we have never taken drugs and are all reasonably intelligent, we have been easily able to outwit our attackers. We have good defences, but our time is now rapidly running out. Our Ground water supplies are rapidly losing pressure. Maybe it was your great-grandchildren who had the foresight to jump ship so to speak. They set up a community, which is not far from here, and made it self sufficient and supporting. Among us are engineers, doctors, scientists and physicists. We exist mainly now on synthetic food, our original stockpiles are just about done. There are of course no animals to eat; they are all long gone. In fact our scientists and engineers only just managed to finish this machine in time, we estimate six months is all we have left to live. Fortunately one of the guys who joined our group about fifty years ago had been working on this project for some time. Most of the hard work had been done; the machine had been under development for many years according to our facts. We were indeed fortunate to acquire the details. We have to tell you also that we only had enough propellant to get here, unless you can supply us with our needs we can never return and the Earth will be doomed.”

Pythagoros handed over a long formula to the group, and the details were immediately typed into a computer. He looked relieved when the computer confirmed the compound could be made. It seemed they could at least return, if they were allowed to.
“So what you are saying” said the man who appeared to be in charge “is, if we don’t change the way we are running the UK and indeed the world, we only have just over one hundred and fifty years to go?”
“That’s it in a nutshell,” said Maisie…



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Another intriguing and very enjoyable installment Gerry, really like the details that make it so much more believable. bring on Prt 3.


Arrg, I’m going away for the week starting tomorrow with no internet, so I will have to catch up the following week. 🙂 best Keith


Engaging, enjoyable, intelligent, witty.


Hi Gerry,
Well, you certainly have made the backdrop true-to-life, America is a total disaster and global warming, pollution and clean water are major issues confronting this planet now and probably for a long time to come. Hopefully, you can save it in the story and we can all save it in reality.

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