Comfort Thoughts

Written some years ago after my father died.

Vermilion roses rest in ivory
carnations, tenderly entwined with grief.
I place this meagre gift in memory
of you – my stalwart. Stunned with disbelief
foundations fold. I struggle to compose
internal tremors, close outpouring eyes
and kneel on turf that blankets your repose.
Despair subsides because I realise
you’ve not abandoned me but still uphold
collapsing structures, like a cornerstone.
Your presence tarries, sturdy walls enfold
my emptiness. Although I came alone,
your solace wreathes me, while we walk away
together – leaving only this bouquet.

© capricorn 2023
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Reading this poem has given me some comfort during these difficult days,expressing exactly what I am feeling.thank you Capricorn for sharing this heartfelt well composed poem. Pommer


Beautiful, very comforting words especially the last three lines. I still miss my mum and know I shall never stop, twenty years is a long time but only seconds have passed. Sue.

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