Our divorces


We were constantly divorced
not by ourselves but by our circumstances,
you being forced abroad by sudden family upheaval,
me reduced to poverty for decades
exiled into underground existence
until you returned, beset by men
who I refused to challenge,
rather making friends with all of them
for your sake, since you loved them.
You felt guilty for their sake
and thought I must disdain you,
while I only was withheld by other problems,
poverty, depression, illness, constant worries
and what not, and all but your predicaments.
And still, all those divorces
uninivited and involuntary,
always brought us back again
into each other’s arms
and closer every time.
So let them just continue.
They will always fail completely,
as they did from the beginning.


© aurelio 2023
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I have the feeling that I am missing something here and that this has a bigger back story that I should perhaps understand. either way it works best Keith

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