The Visitor


Three years ago we found the Holy Grail, limitless free energy, then we had a visitor.


We were meditating when it happened. I felt a presence that is impossible to describe. An overwhelming sense of peace consumed me. ’Who are you?’ I asked without speaking.

‘I am you and you are me, we are all one in the unmanifested.’

‘Can I see you?’


‘But you are here?’


‘So, why not show yourself?’

‘In the past we have been called angels, devils, the shining ones and gods. None of these names are true. Such descriptions lead to misunderstanding, confusion and our messages being distorted.’


‘Yes, for those few of you able to understand.’ 

 ‘So, how did you get here?’

‘I transferred my consciousness, that way we can be anywhere instantly. We are beings of pure consciousness, having dispensed with physical bodies.’ 


‘We are The Oneness, individual names denote separateness.’

‘I see, What is this message you have?’

‘Some of you are beginning to understand quantum physics and the uses of sub atomic particles. You have discovered that everything that exists is made of energy and that that energy can be harnessed.’

‘Yes, that’s my field.’

‘What you are discovering is a means of harnessing limitless, clean, power.’

‘That’s what we’re working on, yes. We have almost completed our project, but what of it?’

‘There is a great danger that the more primitive of you will use it to dominate others and in so doing destroy your planet and all of your species.’

‘We already have the capacity to do that with nuclear weapons.’

‘Indeed, if you used those weapons the destruction would be catastrophic but not absolute.’

‘So, we will survive?’

‘That’s up to you.’

‘My work is solely for peaceful purposes, I’ve always made that clear.  Can you imagine a world that will no longer rely on fossil fuel, surely, that is a noble aim?’

‘It is. You are inventing what should be a great boon to humanity. Unfortunately it also has the capacity to turn your world into another sun.’

‘A chain reaction you mean? Uncontrolled fission? That is only a very tiny risk which we have contained.’

‘Not if the system is weaponised, which it surely will be. The risk will then be magnified one thousand fold. There are those unenlightened among you who seek power over others and will use any means to obtain it.’

‘But if they knew the consequences, the terrible dangers inherent in such a use surely they’d see it was an impossible dream. To conquer all only to end with self destruction, who would commit such an act of lunacy?’

‘There are those power-crazed despots who believe they could control such risk. There are also some scientists vain enough to believe they understand the full structure of the quantum field. They do not.’

‘So, what are we to do?’

‘You know what you should do and you know the consequence to you, personally.’

 ‘And if we don’t?’

 ‘That is your choice.’

‘I see,’

‘Will mankind ever be ready for this, then?’

‘Yes, once you have evolved beyond religious superstitions and beyond ego; when you have learned to live in a state of love and peace.’

Then the presence was gone. I slowly came from within myself to look at my wife sitting opposite. She is my joint researcher and a brilliant scientist. We always meditate together. I knew she had shared the same visitation.

‘Twenty years’ she said a tear in her eye, ‘twenty years of research, of trial and error. The millions poured into it by the universities and industry. Now that we are on the brink…..’ she broke off, choking back her tears ‘they will end our careers, humiliate us. We are finished my beloved.’

I knew she was right, we were indeed finished, but we must destroy all our research, remove forever that which we had discovered. We had jointly used our meditation for deeply intuitive insights into this project, making huge leaps forward. The chances of others discovering what we had discovered by straightforward research, trial and error, was remote, possibly taking centuries.

That weekend we went to our research facility and started to systematically delete all our records. We destroyed hard drives and incinerated thousands of documents. Those computer records that were recoverable we altered, laying false trails. We worked for forty eight hours non-stop.

As scientists our reputations are destroyed now by what others see as moralistic, intellectual arrogance. We were also accused of being bought off by the giant oil companies. It is true that they tried but we rejected them.

That the Military was incandescent with rage is our only source of comfort.







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I’ve read this a couple of times, I like the premises, however there’s something bothering me I can’t put my finger on. Maybe a bit of a prune would sharpen it up. Not to say I didn’t like it, I did. Just trying to help.


I like stories that explore philosophical ideas, which this one certainly does. It’s a very old dilemma. After Hiroshima Einstein is supposed to have said, ‘If I had known I would have been a locksmith’. The problem is that technological progress always far outstrips moral progress. And you’re quite right about the danger posed by primitive religious dogma. There are people in the world right now, thousands, perhaps millions of them, who would happily destroy all human life, themselves included, in the belief that it would get them into some kind of happy farm in the sky. We are a… Read more »


This is something you needed to get off your chest but as an article/story/whatever, it doesn’t work. The central idea is fine and could take root in a readable story format. You don’t need ghosts to bring out the message, just two guys who think differently and there you have your conflict.

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