You are betrayed,

and you are left with a disaster on your hands,

which you must deal with, although you are innocent,

while the responsibility is that of others,

which they aren’t aware of and neglect

in stupid ignorance, as they just do not care.

You are embittered by your disappointment and frustration

and would fain just leave the world and leave it to its doom

in splendid isolation of your innocent immunity,

while you have lost all faith in mankind,

as you never could trust anyone without betrayal.

Is the case of man then lost and hopeless?

Realism would indicate no other possibility,

and yet there’s always somewhere some idealism.

There’s always something left for you to do,

there’s always dreams remaining to be dreamt,

and there is always work to do, creation always going on;

and there will also somewhere still be someone left to love.

No matter how much you are ditched, let down, betrayed

and disappointed, someone always will continue having faith in you,

and that should be enough for you to also still have left some faith in man.

© lailaroth 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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Hello, you have asked for comments and critique. My take on this, there are too many words, this for me takes away the power of your work.

You are betrayed,
left with a disaster on your hands,
that you must deal with.
You are innocent,
the responsibility is that of others.
They aren’t aware, and neglect
In stupid ignorance……

Just one man’s take, for you to use or ignore. After all, its your work. Sometimes less is more.
In friendship

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