My best poem ever!


If you can find anything wrong with this, tell me! It’s purrfect!!!!!

I wrote a little poem once
and put it on the web.
Some people said they liked it
so I got quite a thrill.

But then some clever person
said I couldn’t rhyme.
I didn’t give an answer
’cos I couldn’t spare the effort.

I’m satisfied with tum-te-tum
I haven’t studied metre.
But I can hear exactly when it’s right
I guess I just have a natural talent for it.

I haven’t even tried to do
enjambment, or a ‘form’.
I don’t know all the ins and outs
or what should be the norm.

And then I sit and ponder hard
with furrows in my brow:
I need a word to go here
– should I use ‘enow’?

I haven’t time for fancy words
or literal illusions.
If I try, then my brain hurts
and I’m all in confusion.

I’m just a simple ditty-smith,
and happy to be so.
So all you pundits bugger off!
’cos I don’t want to know.

If ignorance is bliss, then I’m
as blissful as can be.
I’m full of pep and vim and verbs
and happy to be me.

© e-griff 2023
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HaHaHa! Me to a tee I guess. In all seriousness, there are many who don’t care, don’t want to change. I never comment, seldom read their work. I certainly wouldn’t get into arguments with them.


A very acerbic poem cloaked in humour. I loved the second stanza. 🙂 yes and the third…
Alison x


Hehe, some of my best are written like this ;-)) Good fun tongue in Cheek write. Sue.


Love this, John! It’s all a learning curve, really. Unfortunately some don’t want to learn

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