“Give me liberty, or give me death.”


I have been dying all my life.

I was never suicidal,

but still I always lived for death

as a constant follower and my protective angel,

dark and terrible but never evil,

only real as nothing else.

That is always something of a reassuring option,

and the right to suicide can never be denied,

as no one owns your life but you.

It is your duty and your destiny to make the best of it,

and if mortal mundane powers thwart you

to the point that you no longer are allowed to live your life,

there’s always that way out

to liberty and to another better life.

© lailaroth 2023
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You make a fair point yet it is against the law to commit or attempt suicide. How daft is that? Take religion out of the equation and self destruction makes perfect sense in a lot of circumstances.


Interesting point; but the poem speaks of going to “another, better life.” Which makes no sense if you remove some kind of belief in an afterlife.


A well-written poem, giving one point of view of a complex subject.

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