A Beautiful Day In Sanremo


Nineteen-Fifty-Eight. In Sanremo
it is a beautiful day in the Spring:
we bask in the sun on the beach
under a sky of a cerulean hue.
On the radio Modugno, the singer,
gives us a rendition of his latest,
Nel blu dipinto di blu.
We are alive, happy and in love,
there is no reason for feeling blue,
everything in the world seems right.
Mussolini, not Benito but his son Romano,
will play jazz, on the piano, tonight.
His style is said to remind one of
“ a slightly melancholic Oscar Peterson.” *
Not knowing him, we have no clues
on how polished a performer he is
yet he must be a good music maker
as he toured with such famous artists
as Gillespie, Ellington and Chet Baker.
We shall see, but we have a hunch
he’ll make “the refrains run on time”. *
We believe in our heart that we are
a sophisticated and cultured bunch.
We equally like Stravinsky and Mozart.
We love Picasso’s Blue Period and all
of Chagall’s colourful paintings.
In truth we don’t know much about Art
but as they say, we know what we like.
© Luigi Pagano 2017
Mark Steyn – May 2006 – The Atlantic magazine


© ionicus 2023
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Well at least two of us recognise the names you mentioned Luigi. I was just going in the Forces and you were laying on a beach with a girl 😉 !!! It’s hard to dislike anything in such conditions 😉


Ah, those rose tinted glasses, they have a lot to answer for. Then again, without our memories what do we old farts have left.
Much enjoyed Luigi

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