The title tells all.

I fear I now betray you

as you betray yourself,

an epitaph to fading love

that rose within a heart’s

first beat,

to fall before its last.

© sweetwater 2020
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You tell us such a lot here in so few words – hope you have recovered 😉



Wonderfully succinct, delightful short. I love it. Sorry I don’t know the “wrong thing” hope it’s nothing serious Sue.
Mike X


Oh the ambivalence that is the power of meaningful music and words bringing so much love and understanding to one’s life, the much needed backdrop that helps place all our experiences in time, Sue, but our loyalty and gratitude put on trial by the non-professional, private frailties of the same person too. Best is to only judge a person by what they actually do for you, not to others in different circumstances? Judge the value of things as they occurred, not by using new knowledge to retrospectively devalue them? Better presentation would do this little gem of a poem far… Read more »

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