The sacred nature of beauty



Whatever form it takes,

you always recognize its nature

by its character of positive inspiring attraction,

whether in the balance of esthetic architecture,

by the life a work of art is given by its artist

or the natural sometimes provoking nature of its charm;

but no one can deny it, least of all if it is found offensive,

which is the mistake that human weakness

often is reacted to by the simplicity of nudity.

The risk of beauty is that it can be too beautiful for her own good,

resulting all too frequently in rape and violation;

but the victim never can be blamed for it,

the perpetrator losing his control by rude over-reaction

is the only criminal, whose harm can never be undone.

The ultimate defense of beauty is the fact of her own beauty,

and true beauty is of some eternity that never can be violated;

and that is the origin of all the myths of the eternal virgin.

© lailaroth 2023
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