April Day.

It was a beautiful warm dawn, promising a lovely day…

The day rose with beauty

a smile blossomed

with the dawning,

yet held a hint of cruelty

within the beating

of her heart.

Harsh were words

upon her breath

and mighty fell her

swords of ice

as dawn dissolved 

to grey.

© sweetwater 2020
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critique and comments welcome.
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Very descriptive of a typical April day, I liked it 😉


Yes, that’s how the weather is here now during this season switchover period, Sue. The mornings open at dawn with a crimson horizon as night clouds float off away behind us. But, then comes cloud pushed in rapidly by the north wind, snowy-rain, and hail-stones; Winter’s not finished yet! Another little poetic gem in your inimitable style. A soothing lozenge on the dry tongue!


I like this very much, but may I suggest a full stop after “heart” (and upper case H on “Harsh”). The poem reads as two sentences, so make the punctuation fit that? Very descriptive of the weather here this last week! Elfstone

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