Chasing Lions

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The Christians are chasing lions with God on their lips and spite in their hearts.

Yesterday the overran downtown, suffering massive casualties in the process.

I admire their zeal.

I admire their singleminded passion.

But I cannot join their ranks.


The lions meanwhile are back in the jungle-licking their wounds.

Word has it their leader is dead, victim of a landmine.

But this has yet to be confirmed, the details remain sketchy.

Maybe a rumour, maybe a fact.

I like their style.

I like their commitment.

But I cannot be a lion.


Last night I was ordered to choose.

Christian or lion, take your pick.

As I could not decide they took me away.

Away to the Coliseum.

To await my fate.

It shouldn’t take long.

























© Aramis 2023
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Sadly, the “Not sure” button. But I have no competence in judging poems.


I am a bit confused by this: it has been categorised as ‘flash fiction’ but it may be construed as poetry, perhaps even prose poetry.
The label is immaterial as it doen’t get my vote. Sorry.


I agree with Ionicus; to me it was more of a poem than prose (though you could argue that it’s an unimportant distinction. ) I thought it was interesting but didn’t quite “get” it.

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