Winter rheumatism


The unavoidability of the weather and how it always affects us…


The case is hopeless from the start.
You’re done for, brother.
For five thousand years man has struggled with the problem
of the ache awakened by the weather and just floating,
always being there, unwanted and unreachable,
like the most uninvited of all guests
who is the only one to constantly remain.
The only thing to do is to ignore him,
disregard him, concentrate on other things,
on anything that gets the focus off the body,
off the pain of hell in bones and carcass,
on no matter what activity, on journeys, work or social life –
whatever the activity, it is good therapy,
and the worst thing to do is nothing.
Let the torment be a challenge to you
to move into higher gear,
and that’s the only medicine that works
against the most incurable of ills,
which is no fault of anyone’s but only of the weather.

© aurelio 2021
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