Bullshitting trumps and bushes


Written during a bushy regime we never thought could get worse…

Forget about those bossy bully states
of bushisms spewing turd all round the world
with governing establishments for queer justification –
they never led us all through history except astray
today in worse predicaments than ever,
while they joke about it and pretend
the situation is not real,
while they know better,
since they are accountable for all that mess
that leaves humanity in shit
while they just profit by it.
We are better off, we poets,
who are free in Never Never Land
transcending no man’s land
in exile from this mortal world of nonsense
into our paradise of meaningfulness,
where, devoid of all corrupting power,
we can see more clearly from the outside
and use common sense to stay away
from all that torpid smell of vanity
that comes from egoistic shortsighted ambition
aiming nowhere but to own destruction.
We are safe above it,
leaving mundane idiocy
to get lost with the consumer lunacy
in custody of bushes,  trumps and company.

© aurelio 2023
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