A Bountiful Harvest

   An old acrostic poem (re-posted)

F resh fruit was always my favourite,
I  had a craving for a juicy  melon
G ooseberries and grapefruits alike.

D ates were hard to come by
A s they came all the way from Egypt,
T omatoes – were they fruit? I did wonder.
E lderberries – Of those I had no doubt.

A pples and apricots were top of the list;
P eanuts, perhaps, if they weren’t salted,
P ineapple and pears: we had a profusion.
L ychees were for me a novel discovery
E xotic delicacies from the Far East.

© Luigi Pagano


© ionicus 2023
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Not sure about elderberries… except when fermented with the juice of the grape, of course. Enjoyed the read, Luigi.

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