Not quite sugar and spice ans all things nice.

Some people’s stupidity
never ceases to amaze.
Let’s take for instance
the current craze.

It happens in Manchester
in broad daylight:
men are collapsing;
can’t keep upright.

They are influenced
by a drug called Spice.
Its noxious effect
works in a trice.

It produces a stupor
that can be catatonic,
it does not bring relief
which is rather ironic.

The police have declared
that the incidents are rare
but Mancunians call it
a dystopian nightmare.

© Luigi Pagano 2017


© ionicus 2020
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I saw this TV report too, Luigi. An absolutely idiotic russian roulette type of behaviour as it just gives two hells, no relief as you say, the hell of reality and the hell of conscious nightmarish stupor. Must be seen as chronic i.e. long term, suicide. Perfect rhyme, but on this theme perhaps an example of its use losing gravitas?

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