The Judgement of Paris

An old myth updated.

The girls parading around the pool
are taking part in the hottest contest
to find the candidate who is the best
to wear the crown of “Miss Universe”.
Many  entrants have been eliminated
and three have made the short list.
What’s now needed is a wise analyst
who can arrive at the right decision.
There is a man by the name of Paris,
who is a gourmet and likes to imbibe
but also susceptible to a large bribe,
who’s finally chosen to be the judge.
It’s easy to see that he can be got at;
one of the women use a cunning ploy:
she tells him that he can be a toy-boy
to a rich, full of lust, nymphomaniac.  
She is the wife of a hardware dealer
who sells ships and planes to the Saudi
and who is the proud owner of an Audi.
He also sponsors the beauty contest.
It is a spectacle with bikini-clad women
which sometimes verge on near nudity
that lechers ogle with utter  impunity.
It is unworthy to be called  a pageant.
O tempora, O mores! One might say
but the minimum that we can expect
is to show the young ladies respect
by judging their brain, not the body.
© Luigi Pagano 2017


© ionicus 2023
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Well said, Luigi.
This held my attention from beginning to end ( and it is long!) I didn’t quite expect that ending – I like a twist in the tale!
Eira x


Clever poem with an effective rhyme scheme and a serious message at the end, despite the humour.

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