At Dawn Came Love Part I

The street appeared at dawn, spread with a soft

alluring morning hour’s gleam upon well worn brick,

no longer pristine, historically the place for wheels

and hooves. The alley’s fate was to see olden lovers

alight from carriages, bankers and investors striding

forward gently in high hats, chimney sweeps and

lamp lighters in worker’s caps and boots as use-worn

as the street bricks and sewers. A horse’s breath

challenges the rising mist.



© allets 2018
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5 Comments on "At Dawn Came Love Part I"

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I think this is terrific writing. My only wish is that it was a longer piece. It feels the start of something bigger. I loved it.
On the critique side, maybe some full stops instead of comas.
Congratulations on the Nib, please accept my Nomination to go with it.


Agree excellent imagery. Look forward to seeing it in the anth.

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