Too Old to Party

When we’re all asleep, it’s party time. Another revision of an oldie – had fun writing this!


When Sun slips into sleep,
the old man moans
and sets night

Ach! — it’s party time again.

Night tickles the Stars
they giggle, quiver
and wink with delight.
Old fusty scowls –
forgetting his own
youthful hi-jinks.

Moon drifts by
flaunting pale makeup,
joins the flirting —
stars blowing kisses.
Old crabby tut-tut’s
closing his curtains.

Sun stretches;
long fingers prod Aurora awake.
Sky-larkers snuggle the duvet
that covers darkness.

Old Sky blushes
when Day’s fresh kisses
brighten him up, bit-by-bit.


© capricorn 2023
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