Spring Bride

I love that spring is here!


Radiant, as sun-kissed sky
she arrives astride a cirrus horse
to a fanfare of daffodils.
A gown sown with snowdrops
covers her terrains; primrose
laced tendrils shimmer
with aurora’s dew.

Avian choirs warble in the dell,
their harmonies reverberate
with tinkling bluebells.
Scarlet robed, robin trills
solo on a hedgerow stage,
twiddle-oo, twiddle-eedee.

Westerlies tease —
cherry blossoms tremble
— tumble to confetti
sweet grass avenues.
Peacock butterflies
flitter among posies
of forget-me-nots,
their large eyes flutter
on russet wings.

All creatures rise in salutation:
hedgehogs abandon crumpled beds,
as squirrels scurry along oak arms,
lambs dance on daisy studded meadows;
joyful celebrations.

Sun ascends to crown her;
she whispers Au Revoir
— throws a rose bouquet towards
summer’s outstretched hands.

© capricorn 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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I so enjoyed this. Written with all the delightful ‘gay abandon’ of spring, throwing off winter’s togs. No critique to offer. Loved this. Written by a poetry pro, it seems. The metaphor is perfect.

Kim x


A nice lyrical and metaphorical poem in celebration of a burgeoning spring, with a delicious opening. A pleasure to read, Eira.
Luigi x


She’s a bit of a moody one though and given us the cold shoulder down my road the last couple of days. Hopefully she’ll grace us with a warming smile this weekend. Enjoyed your poem, Eira. Very accomplished.


Agree with the others, a nice joyful read. We’ve had some good days down here in plymouth so it’s quite appropriate.

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