Desert wines and roses


You come to me in flashes of delight,
and I adore you like a virgin spring
in an oasis in Sahara.
Let us not be overwhelmed, however,
by our love of endless fields of wines and roses,
but let us be sensible and handle it with care.
I know you are so brittle as an old Venetian glass,
and I will never touch you but with velvet gloves
to only stroke you with the gentlest touch of ease.
I need your love and thirst the more I miss it,
but I shall never drink it to the bottom
since I know that even an oasis in Sahara
might run dry if overused and used unwisely,
so I’d rather thirst than risk to waste our love
on anything except the holiness of our togetherness.


© aurelio 2023
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This is a beautiful poem! I’m glad I read it and wonder why no one else has commented. The imagery is stunning.
Eira x

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