After years of trials and betrayals
The key issue is still burning
Food, shelter, clothing – a scarcity
Poor poorer, rich richer, an adamant reality
Despite benevolent gestures

Sweet-faced, intelligent stalwarts
Kind-faced liars and rascals
Double-faced backstabbers
With spoilt, useless theories
In their own little box
Writing books
On growth and development
Getting accolades, making fortunes
But under the same firmament
The basic necessities
Cleverly hidden with cowardly atrocities

Science and technology grows
Gadgets and weapons galore
People are pushed to buy
Remain drowned in heinous products called loans
Their richness the budget knows is a lie
For they’ll soon cry in moans
They succumb to the craving for the poisonous pie
For this, under the behest of laureates and economists
Who look upon this as an occasion to celebrate and feast
Killing people in credits
Are they any better than terrorists

No machine with artificial intelligence
Have decided yet to alter with sense
The primitive designed fact
Going natural, viral, worse and sadder
With expertise and tact
Poor becoming poorer, rich richer.

© supratik 2023
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