Springtime Samba

An old one revised, written in huitain form

As creatures stir in spring’s advance
familiar rhythms bid us dance —
cavorting with the skylark’s trilling;
nascent daffodils enhance
the grassy stage where lambkins prance.
Now winter’s pillowed, sunshine’s spilling,
pulse to samba’s lively beat …
fan fires of passion; render heat!




© capricorn 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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Liked very much, have to admit I looked up ‘huitain’ to check I was correct about the meaning, I was surprisingly as it’s not often heard. I love the 3rd verse from the bottom 🙂 Sue.


I think my frogs have been listening to too many Samba beats – my pond is full of frogspawn.. 😉 .


There is nothing like a sunny, warm spring day to involve everyone and everything in a rhythmic dance.
An enjoyable read, Eira.
Luigi x


Enjoyed the read, Eira. ‘Now winter’s pillowed’. Oh yes, Best regards, Mick.


Clever poem, meticulously rhymed and scanned.

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