Let me not disturb you
for being what I am,
for I am nothing
but a humble lover and supporter,
wishing only to sustain and further
all the people I find worthy of encouragement
and all creative artists,
above all, all forms of creativity.
I’ll never interfere with your activities,
your work and everything you do,
but let my presence be instead
a constant inspiration if I may.
So did I likewise enter and engage
in satanism, although I was completely secular
or maybe for that very reason
for its opposition against all blind faith
and superstition, veiling myself darkly
in the black cloak of protection and humility
and hiding my identity and personality
behind the mask of anonymity
to never interfere but only be supportive
and constructive of the constant recreation
of humanity and history and destiny
universally discreetly in humility.

© lailaroth 2023
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Very nice I really enjoyed reading this poem. Sue.

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