Dust and Oblivion

What happens to souvenirs.

I am reliably informed by the Royal mint

that for a small sum I can be the proud owner

of two gold-plated commemorative coins

celebrating the Queen’s Sapphire Jubilee.

I am a sucker for this kind of memento

and I know that I won’t be unresponsive.

Those two will be excellent companions

for the one celebrating the royal wedding

of Prince Charles and Diana, years ago.

They’ll lie in my desk’s bottom drawer

and, untouched, gather dust and oblivion.


© Luigi Pagano 2017


© ionicus 2020
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I would guess approx. £15 – £25 on Flog It, Luigi, with auctioneer’s discretion! Not even solid gold anymore, if you peel the gold foil off it might even be chocolate! A sad message in this short freely-written piece about mementos changing their meaning as well as value over time showing that tragedy can often come unexpected and affect even the apparently blessed and privileged? Commemorations are often premature, given enough time. I think you and me will be going down with the silent captain on the bridge? Hahaha! I hope you’ll keep posting these enjoyable readings until lifted off… Read more »

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